A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garden Plan--East Border

The plan for the new East Border

The border is 32 feet long, and 4 feet deep (for now--I will be expanding that later)
It is for dry, sandy soil (except for the Phlox, which I clustered together for easy watering) and is primarily geared for hummingbirds/bees. I kept playing with "cut-out" pictures of all plants I really liked until I got an arrangement that looks nice and makes sure all "fussy" plants are together so maintenance is cut down. I'll probably have to weed/water 1 hour per week.

I priced these plants on the website from whose catalog I cut these pictures. To do this border would cost me $314.61 --not including shipping. My budget WAS $100. I have all the seeds ordered for this. I have some of these plants already in the "nursery" bed that I will be dividing. I also have saved seed from a few plants that I will be sowing....so I think I might be able to get this whole border done for even less.

The plant list-broken down:

Cleome-x5-saved seed (0$)

Echinacea Bravado-x3-divisions of my own plants ($0)

Echinops x1 -seed ($3)

Miscanthus-Purchased last year on sale ($9)

Phlox-Purple x3, and Phlox-David x 3 Divisions of my own plants ($0)

Agastache Rupestris x3 seed ($3)

Echinacea-Lucky Stars-x3-purchased 1 large last year on sale-will divide to make 3 ($9)

Perovskia-x1- bought last year as a starter plant on sale ($2)

Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm x6 -divisions of my own plants ($0)

White Swan Echinacea x3 -seeds ($3)

Rudbeckia-Prairie Sun x6 -seeds ($3)

Physostegia (white)x1-moving from other garden bed ($0)

Solidago "Fireworks"x1 -purchased last year at close-out--($6)

Hyssop-x3 --seedlings from saved seed ($0)

Salvia-Silver candles x1 -Will purchase ($9) ((hopefully I can find it cheaper!!)

Geranium Rozanne x1 Will Purchase ($5)

Stachys-to fill in-~x6--divisions of my plants ($0)

Misc. ornamental ribbon grass-~x3 -divisions of my plants ($0)

Total doing it MY way--- $52. Wow. That's about $250 cheaper than just ordering it (the easy way) Can't wait to see how this progresses.

Oops-Forgot- I'll have to add about $15 for potting soil. I have all the pots I need.

Now, spring needs to hurry along!


  1. How can I love and appreciate flowers so much but be so totally bamboozled as to HOW you do what you do to create such beauty?

  2. Mama Pea....please. I've SEEN pictures of your place. Can we say WONDERFUL!??!!
    I'll tell you how I do it mine though. I go through all those catalogs REALLY REALLY FAST....cutting out any pictures that strike me as pretty. Then I group them by height (talls in back, etc-you know the deal) and make it so the colors are spread out.
    Someone once told me ALWAYS pick out stuff you TRULY love......and no matter what, those items will "match", because it's all a match of your taste and style. I think they were referring to indoor decorating, which I've NEVER really gotten a handle on. But flowers, well, that I can do....maybe because I like them more!

  3. No, Sue, I stick a few flowers interspersed with the veggies in the vegetable garden but I can't begin to do flower beds and borders like you do.

    I can remember the very first time I stumbled across your garden blog. I sincerely thought it was a commercial site with glossy magazine type pictures. No foolin', I did.

    Thanks for the tips, though. I will follow them to the letter!

  4. Gosh, Mama Pea, you sure make me blush.
    Anyway-if you get stuck on your flowers, buy a 6 pack of Corona's, a lime and give me a call.
    We'll figure it out (or have a darn fine time trying!)

  5. Have Corona already in the refrig. Lime on the shopping list. Stay tuned. ;o)

  6. Sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing the cost breakdowns. I'm way too frugal to spend much, but $52 is a steal!

    Hope you are enjoying the snow.

  7. Deb-So glad you stopped by! Ya know, I could be "conned" into sharing some starts---let me know. I'm STILL trying to convince myself I need a greenhouse. Maybe an extra tray or two of seedlings will be enough to put me over the edge.............

  8. I love flowers and gardening, too...don't do it nearly as well, though...love the pictures...

  9. Patricia-thanks--flowers definately add a lot to our lives. I don't know how I went most of my life not knowing how wonderful gardening is!

  10. What a great idea to plan the border as you did, I have no doubts about it- it will be stunning!

  11. Hi Kelly-I admit--I STOLE the idea watching HGTV many years ago. Some gal cut out fabric samples/pictures of things she was going to use in a room. It just clicked.....why not plants? Thanks for stopping!

  12. Okay, I'm finally catching up, I save the best for last LOL! I have to bookmark this one now :) No kidding about your last post on the budget busters - I am purposely putting the catalogs off until I have time to write my resolution list, since one of them is to come up with a budget and stick to it for the garden! So far all I've done is weed out the "no-good" seed catalogs yesterday and toss them. I've gotten that stack down to about 10 and need to narrow it down a bit more this week and come up with a "plan"! I can't wait to see more beauty develop for you this year, I love that you get into the perennials as well, they are what saves my yard from ugly syndrome when the veggies get out of control!

  13. Erin-considering how cheap I am on other stuff, I have a pretty high garden budget. I so need to quit buying seeds. Cripes, I could start my OWN botanical garden with what I have. But, durn it, EVERY YEAR they come up with a bunch more stuff I just fall in love with. Is there a support group for that??????
    Hello, my name is Sue--and I'm a seed-aholic!

  14. Hi Sue, my name is Kelly and I am also a seed-aholic.

  15. Hi Kelly--I'm glad! It's a fun problem to have!

  16. Sue, I can just imagine what this new bed will look like. Like all your beds, it will be stunning. Can not wait to see the progress.

  17. You do all this without a greenhouse? You sure do deserve one! Tramp 1 has offered to build one here but I had to tell him that we need a functioning garden first! He looked a bit sad... But building a greenhouse isn't the best thing for a guy who just had back surgery!

    When I pick out seeds, I think - what would the rabbits like, how about the deer, too?!!

  18. 2Tramps-a greenhouse is a whole other story...
    I sure would LOVE to have one. As for rabbits and deer-there is only ONE cure for that (no, not stew!!!) A very secure, tall fence with poultry netting at the base. Now the only thing snacking in the garden is the moles!And bugs. And me, when the tomatoes and strawberries and peas are ripe!

  19. Hi Sue,
    I saw that this blog was new, so I came looking for your first post. You sure have a beautiful place!

    I'm a seed-a-holic who also buys plants. Thanks for your comment on my post about herbs.

  20. Corner Gardener Sue-Thanks so much for your compliments! Being a seed-a-holic is a good thing. I have a hefty plant budget too-there are many things I'm unable to grow from seed-either not enough time,space, or patience!