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Friday, April 1, 2011

End of the Month RoundUp-March

Arrived home March 18 anxious to get the cold frames set up and get a good start on seed sowing this year. Biggest mistake of my life. This was a brutal March and a good reminder to stay out of Michigan for the ENTIRE month. We did manage a good 15 days of sun. We had three days of light snow. We had 3 days mid month that hit into the 50's (that FOOLED me into thinking we should go home early-BIG MISTAKE) On March 23rd, we received our biggest snow of the entire season-12" of heavy wet snow. It had no trouble sticking around--the temps since then have been 10-20 degrees BELOW NORMAL. FIVE DAYS LAST WEEK WERE BELOW ZERO TEMPS. UGH! Yesterday-March 31st FINALLY warmed up , reaching a balmy 47 degrees-I was thrilled. Actually got out to the garage to clean up my potting bench. The cold frames are still frozen rock hard and the yard is full of snow though so not much else accomplished. REPEAT-----NEVER , EVER (!!!!!) come home early. March SUCKS.
There is NOTHING cuter than baby geraniums!!

The geraniums from the basement..........really not doing so well. NEXT YEAR(!!) I WILL take cuttings in the fall and grow on the windowsills. It works out much better.

The perennials I sowed indoors have poor germination. I'll be curious to see how the winter sown ones did. Last year I had EXCELLENT results that way. I may stick with that for perennials completely next year and just concentrate on the annuals indoors.

This was the "Sidewalk Border" on March 31.

The Vegetable garden is a bit more clear of snow-I'm assuming the dark wood of the raised beds helped to radiate heat out and melt the snow. The cold frames are STILL NOT READY to plant-that is MUCH later than the past 2 years--I always managed to plant by April 1. Not this year.

March sucks.

The "Kitchen Window Border" is melting nicely and some rocks are finally appearing.

I hate March.

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