A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Update May 23-28

Another busy week. Hubby bought me this gigantic hanging basket of petunias. I just love the striping on it. I must have done something right.......perhaps it was that chocolate cake I baked the other day? It's so very true what they say about the way to a man's heart. At least in this house!

Started planting the areas around the house, as all the concrete, etc holds a bit of heat and can stave off frosts a little better. Though these pictures are "blah", I like to take before and after shots of areas. It's a good reference for what works, what doesn't, and how many plants I need.
So, Planting bed by the garage door-4 Sizzle Geraniums, 5 white Alyssum, 2 Purple Alyssum, and 2 Dusty Miller. Not trying to bore you---again, it's for MY reference.

Sidewalk Border-Not done, but so far-9 Osteospermum, 4 marigolds, 4 Rudbeckia fulgida "Goldsturm", 3 Stachys, 2 Dianthus, 4 Impatiens, 2 Geraniums, 6 Dusty Miller, and a partridge in a pear tree. Just seeing if you're still awake.

Deck planter--3 Wave Petunias, 6 geraniums saved from last year, misc. houseplants yet to be moved out because it's still dipping to the upper 20's at night. Yeesh. Mama Pea-quit sending it my way!

Old copper tubs on deck (3 of them) -2 Dark Blue Wave petunias and 1 veined wave petunia (I'm trying that veined petunia for the first time-I used to use a Diamond Frost Euphorbia, but it always got "lost" in the Wave petunias-hopefully this will work out better)

I can't get over how skimpy these look at first....but a bit of time and this planter will be so pretty and full.

The barrels by the road got done yesterday too. One each yellow , white, and a purple callibrachoa, 2 dusty miller, a silver and a lime green helichrysum, 3 sizzle geraniums, 2 Salvia and one Spike per barrel (2 barrels total)

The newly planted lilacs by the road are blooming despite their small size. I love them in this corner. They were in the middle of the yard and were a pain to mow around. Much better spot for them.

Don rented a stump grinder for the long holiday weekend and is happily ridding the yard of all those stumps we've had to mow around the past 3 summers. Rental was $100 for the 3 days, versus $450 for the average quote we received of removing the 6 stumps. Good going, Wonder Hubby!

The vegetable garden is doing well. I'm not planting the tender veggies until end of NEXT week. We're still very cold at night so there is no point in risking it. The tomatoes would just "sit" there cold and miserable anyway and since I don't know how to knit or sew little jackets for them, they'll stay in the laundry room at night for now.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, and please remember the wonderful folks that made (and still make!) great sacrifices to keep us a free nation.


  1. Sue, you are making wonderful progress. Everything looks lovely. I can just imagine it all full and lush in no time. I just love these long weekends, we get so much done when hubby has an extra day or two off work. Tomorrow we are looking for another 90+ day, so we will finish our work early and go do something fun. How about you?

  2. If anyone would plant a partridge in a pear tree, you would LOL! Things are looking good, I can already visualize it in July and August! Can't wait to see the veggies go in the ground and that garden come to life!

  3. Will you STOP with the "sorry I'm boring you" comments? We all learn SO MUCH from what you do and how you do it.

    I'm surprised all your flowers aren't bothered by the cool (okay, cold) nights we're still having. You've got so much planted out and about already that it currently looks better than my endeavors do at mid-summer!

  4. Sue love your journal and all the pictures. It sounds like your weather is worst than mine and I have a short growing season. If it ever stops raining here I hope to get started on the vegetable garden.

  5. "Just seeing if you're still awake."

    Well, yes. But I did wonder a bit what an Osteoporosis mum was ;-)

  6. Hi Sue,
    I enjoyed seeing what things look like now at your place. I think people who write garden books should have photos of newly planted beds, and then how they look at different intervals. I am feeling impatient for the plants in my newest area to fill out.

    I also liked the photo of Don grinding a stump. Yea Don!

  7. Yard looks gorgeous,I am so jealous. You are one of those people that can make sow's ear into a silk purse,or just make it look that way,like the canada dry box-so cute. I SAW A GARDEN A LONG TIME AGO LIKE THAT. THIS LADY EVEN HAD A OLD BOOT FULL OF FLOWERS.

  8. Hi Lorie-90 degrees???? I'd say that's a day to go have fun-not work. As for us-more planting in the morning, grilling out for lunch , a looooong walk, a Netflix---perfect day for us!

    Erin-I am sick sick sick of tending all those flats-it's going to be a relief to get them in the ground!

    Mama Pea-you always make me blush. You're a garden goddess and yet you always make people feel so good. Long distance hug!

    Wilderness-we have around 90 days of growing. Usually less. But I'm always amazed at how well things DO grow (except tomatoes and peppers!) Good thing we like cool season crops like broccoli/cauliflower/peas.

    AG-I like your name MUCH better. Honestly, some of the names they come up with! Have a wonderful holiday! Is Mr. Granny cooking on the grill??

    Corner Garden Sue-I think that new bed of yours is looking great already. The transformation in that space is going along well. And yes, before and afters are so much better.....I think it would save a lot of folks from getting discouraged.

    Judy-thank you so much! I've seen those boot planters before--I tried it a few years ago with Hens and Chicks-turned out great and was quite easy. It's harder than you think to water though!

  9. Oh it is all looking so pretty!! If you get a chance I would love for you to enter my eco friendly giveaway.

  10. Everything is so pretty and well planned out! I love petunias also, but the budworms get the best out of mine almost every year, so I am hesitant to plant them.

  11. Alicia-thank you!

    Judy-I guess I've been lucky! I've not had any problems with my petunia's other than they sure don't seem to like the rain!

  12. It looks beautiful! I really love all the different containers you used for planting, makes everything so interesting. Can't wait to see what it will look like in summer.

  13. A Partridge? Where? Oh how I love alyssum, it reminds me of my Grandmothers garden. I always buy several seed packets and fill in all the little nooks with them.
    I can get my husband to do anything as long as there is a power tool involved *Grin* He worked for two days making tree limb candle holders for my next craft show. He got to use his big boy toys.

  14. Everything looks GREAT!! Can't wait to come visit.

  15. Anke-most of those containers were picked up for a dollar or less-I love some of the pottery I see in the stores, but the prices are too much.

    Forest-Dweller-I think most men love anything that makes a lot of noise. Glad you got your hubby involved with your candle holders. That was sure to help!

    Deb-I'm looking forward to the visit too! I promise not to put you to work. Ha. Haha. Hahahah!

  16. I'm laughing while reading... love your sense of humor, Sue.

    Isn't it amazing that all those blank spaces will soon fill in? We are always amazed this time of year with the "somewhat" warmer days and rain, that what once was nearly bare is now filled with foliage. It's going to look beautiful around your home in short order. Bless the big guy for the lovely hanging basket. (stump grinder... hmm... might need to rent one of those)

  17. Diana-renting that stump grinder was not fun. But a big savings like that? Yes. And now there is less to mow/weedwhip around. Yea!!

  18. Your husband is not only thoughtful but it looks like he's a hard worker too. A rare combination nowadays.