A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Relentless Rains=Explosive Growth

Since Monday we have had 4" of rain. That's what we normally get in 6 weeks.

Top photo taken June 15

Bottom photo taken 8 days later on June 23.

This might be considered good. But, my strawberry crop, which looked to be the BEST EVER, is dangerously close to rotting. Many berries are now covered with a thick coating of greyish white mold.

The flowers are fairing much better, but I did lose several Rudbeckia already to rot.

Another lesson on counting the chickens before they hatch.....................................


  1. We too have had so much rain I am very concerned about things just rotting. And blight, oh boy it's gonna be a bad one :(

  2. Oh if we could split that rain with you we'd be so thankful out here! 100 again today and dry, dry. Constant gray clouds and heat lightning are a tease, and then we get nothing!

  3. It's feast or famine! Most gardeners I know are not getting any rain!

  4. Oh, no! Not your strawberries! For Pete's sake, not enough moisture and the berries won't form. Too much and we get mold. What's next this crazy, wacko, discouraging, frustrating gardening season?!

  5. APG-So many are having Blight problems already. I'm sure that's next up on the list for me. I'm afraid to check under the covered beds......

    Erin-oddly enough, up until 4 days ago, we were dry as dust. Mother Nature sure has a cruel sense of humor.

    Daisy-I just said that to hubby the other day. Last week we were at the end of 3 weeks with no rain. Now this!

    Mama Pea-I don't even want to GUESS at what's next. This was indeed a HUMBLING experience for me. I tempted fate writing that I was heading towards my best harvest ever. Stupid me. Lesson learned...........

  6. Sorry to hear about your strawberries. It's been a tough season so far for all of us.

  7. That is growth, and no weeds to be seen either- very nice!

  8. Robin-thanks. There has to be a silver lining.......somewhere!

    Kelly-This is the third year for the garden, and every year gets easier and easier--I use mulch, and LOTS of it . Now it's just a matter of strolling through with my cup of coffee in the morning plucking the occasional stray weed.

  9. Oh I sure do hope that you still get a good crop of berries. Your plants look so pretty but I know that they don't like excessive water. This Spring has really been something else weather wise hasn't it!

  10. I hope you can salvage some of your chickens.... I mean strawberries :-)

    We can always use rain were I live in "dry" So Cal. Send it over.

  11. Alicia-the weather is getting crazier all the time. Keeps it interesting. Hoo boy.....

    Old Geezer-smarty pants!
    And we're usually very dry too, all summer. Just not THIS year.

  12. This reminds me that I really need to get more strawberries harvested before they go bad!

  13. Hello, I am so happy that I came across your site. You have such beautiful gardens. Sorry to read about your strawberries. We have been having rain and cool weather hear in Maine. Spraying my tomatoes and hoping to escape a blight situation.

  14. Jen-I've found going out first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee works in getting my strawberries up to snuff. We munch them all day, then freeze what's left. I'm up to about 2 quarts a day. Yum!!

    Backroadjournal-thank you so much for stopping and commenting. Good luck with avoiding the blight-I hear it is very bad this year!