A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let the Planting Begin!

It seems spring cannot make up it's mind this year--the weather has been a roller coaster of temperatures.  Mother's Day weekend included plenty of wind and SNOW.  I'm sure that put a damper on many picnics, as well as treks to area garden centers.  But, a few days of warmth and sunshine and all is forgiven.

I got the onions planted--I ended up with 135 in the bed--which will give me plenty for the year.  Dixondale was generous as always with the bunches, and I ended up giving the rest to neighbor Darby down the road.  It didn't even look like I had touched the bunches. I'm sure she could plant twice that many and still have plenty to share!  She gave me 2 dozen of her gorgeous organic eggs in return. Can't beat that!

I'm hoping to get the potatoes planted this week, but top priority will be given to orders from Nourse Farms (3 kinds of raspberries, a couple more blueberry bushes and another variety of ever-bearing strawberry) and BlueStone Perennials that are due to arrive this week.  

The only thing growing so far is lettuce, radish, spinach, garlic, and sugar snap peas. I can't recall ever having so little going on in the garden at this point in May.
The good thing is everything is prepped and ready--so it will just be a matter of getting things into the ground.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden Update 5/9/13

Spring has finally arrived...........I think.
The entire month of April was 10 to 20 degrees BELOW normal. Our first warm day was April 26,
We finally got rid of the snow and in the past ten days the lawn has greened up, the forsythia are in bloom and all is right with the world...........I'm just WAY behind on garden cleanup and prep work.

I "edged" the corn and pumpkin growing areas with downed trees Don found along roads.  I don't know why. I guess I like a defined growing area. Maybe it was just an excuse to be outside longer.....

I got the blueberry patch done April 27-28.  I added coffee grounds and compost. I also spread new mulch (pine needles) on the beds, pruned out any dead branches, and remulched the aisles in between the rows.

The garlic is up and going strong.

All the beds are ready to be planted. It's just a matter of waiting for our last frost date of June 1.

I got the strawberry beds cleaned up after last years' neglect. I had a real problem finding the rows and eliminating all the tangles of new plants.  I am NEVER leaving for long periods of time again. What a mess to deal with! 

I also got the sidewalk and kitchen window borders tidied up and ready for spring.

The tulips I planted last fall are coming up.  I didn't note what kind.  I always think I'm going to remember .  I never do.
I will be starting to plant this area up this summer with perennials I raised from seed this winter.
None of the perennials I planted in this area last year survived the rampaging deer.  I may have to fence these beds.

The only color I ever had in spring was from a couple of daffodils .  I'm slowly working on that.  I got some pass-along muscari from Cranky Dolores.  In other beds, I planted various alliums and tulips. It's not much, but at least I'm finally  moving forward on this. 

Don hauled Donkey Doo last week and I used some of the extra to expand yet again.  This is the border on the East side of the house. I'm trying to eliminate the need to mow around that rotten satellite dish DirecTV had to place in the STUPIDEST spot of all.  Perhaps no one will notice it surrounded by flowers??

The porch and deck are loaded with seedlings I started this winter.  I have tons of delphiniums, foxgloves, lavender, agastache cana, hyssop, and artemesia . I also have all my vegetable starts and 6 flats of cosmos/zinnias/alyssum.  These get taken inside whenever temps dip to the 30's.  It's going to be a LONG month of hauling in and out.  I'm shooting for June 3 as my planting date.

Happy Spring! (finally!!)