A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tent City and Some Dahlias

 The Garden on August 4.  Broccoli under tents has been cut--yield was good. Not enough time to plant new plants so I'm letting these ones stand and hoping for a good crop of side shoots.  Also under fabric--the Chandler blueberries, which just started and are HUGE. The birds are not getting a single one of these.


 Dahlia-Klondike    The blooms are VERY large.  One of the new ones from Dutch Gardens this year.
I wasn't sure about an all white one, but this is very pretty and I'm happy with it.

 A bee "passed out" on this one.  He slept there for quite awhile before flying off.

 Something is chewing on this one but it's still pretty.  Love how the pink fades to white.

 Same plant---showing the different colorings.  The blooms are not as large as I had hoped, but wow-the coloring is BETTER than expected.

The most dreamy shade of apricot--fading to a yellow center.   This plant is in its second year. I may have extra tubers to share from this one this fall.  Nothing beats sharing plants--I love to think of my plants in gardens all around the country.....and I've been on the receiving end of many myself. What a joy to look at them and think of the person that shared them.

Have a wonderful week!