A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harvest Totals for 2013

Mmmmmm--goodies from the garden
We got our first frost Saturday-Sept 14.  They called for it, so the day before was a busy day finishing up the harvesting.  I'm thrilled that we had a longer than usual growing season this year.  Last frost this spring was June 4.  That means I had OVER 3 months. That's very unusual for here.
The summer was very cool but those extra 2 weeks meant tomatoes (hooray!) and melons.  

The amounts given are what I have FOR STORAGE.  I did not weigh  anything. I only note what I have for storage----this is for my records so I know what to increase/decrease next year.  I can't give "specifics" on things like lettuce, strawberries, etc  that we eat  fresh as they come in.  It's only when I freeze/store things that I can give "amounts".   So, that said----

Apples---24 individual serve containers applesauce-freezer, PLUS 19 pints of applesauce-(freezer)

Beans---8 pints-(freezer)    Three separate sowings only yielded about 6 row feet.  Blaming cold soil this year.

Blackberries--Big Fat ZERO---Frosted out

Blueberries--72  pint bags--freezer. Oh yum!  We ate at least twice that amount. It's amazing we aren't blue!

Broccoli-- 16  pint bags-freezer

Carrots--  16  pint bags-freezer

Cauliflower--0--(something ate them!)

Celery--8 bags-chopped-freezer

Corn--2 sowings, 120 seeds, only yielded 12 stalks, Cold Soil???  BUT--15 totally delicious ears gave us enough for 3 meals--none for the freezer, though I certainly TRIED.
                                                      Bodacious Corn---it was fantastic

Garlic--40 out of 40 planted--(pantry)

Grapes--didn't think they would ripen in time, but since we've had an extra long growing season--I have plenty for fresh eating for a week or two.

Onions--128--medium sized bulbs--(crates in the basement)

Peaches---Froze Out---bought what I needed for the freezer (24 bags) from the Farmers Market.  However, on 9/30, I did see 4 peaches on my tree that I didn't see earlier---3 of which were thoroughly pecked to death by birds.  I'm ripening the fourth on the counter. We'll see how that turns out.

Pears---Hubby collected a 5 gallon bucket full--it was a really good year for them

Potatoes--   Yukon Golds--poor yield so I made potato soup base for the freezer --ended up with 14
                       pint bags puree (for 14 pots of soup)--enough for the whole winter plus a half-crate full
                         for hashbrowns and misc.

                    Red Pontiacs--12 plants---1 milk crate FULL--entry hall-(my "cool" storage)

                    Russets-Not Planted, but compost heap yielded 5 pounds (must have been peelings?)
                      and an additional stray plant yielded another 5 pounds--entry hall (my "cool" storage)
          The largest russet measured an incredible 9 inches long---plenty for hubby and I to share!

Raspberries--none--tore out patch to establish new patch--succumbed to drought....

Squash-Butternut--5 --will be used for trade. I don't eat them.

Strawberries--24 pint bags-freezer

Sweet Potatoes--an experiment--1/2 dozen small tubers. Oh well, this was expected. I tried......


We arrived home from our anniversary trip to Nebraska just in time for fall foliage.  Looks like it's going to be a good year for it.  Since the garden is done and put to "rest" for the winter, there is plenty of time for leaf-gawking.

That's it for this blog for the season.
I'll be checking in with your blogs from time to time, but will be taking the winter off for the most part.  I'm looking forward to seeing your plans for next year.

Have a great fall!