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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seed Orders Submitted and ALL Arrived

Mid-Winter Greetings!
I'm posting my seed orders so I can easily reference it all in one spot. 
Sorry I haven't been reading anyone's posts, but I'm still immersed in my winter break-lots of skiing, snowmobiling, reading, painting and trying very hard to learn a new piece for the piano--though my arthritic fingers seem to have "other" ideas-LOL! 
Fear not, though--I will be back bothering you all in April!
Enjoy the rest and relaxation--we'll all be immersed in our gardens soon enough.  Now is the time to let our bodies heal from last years work. 

Fedco Seed Order December 25, 2013 (Arrived Jan 11, 2014)
I placed the first of the seed orders on Christmas.  It was to Fedco for $31.  I've never ordered from them before--the catalog was incredibly detailed and quite "personable".  Prices seemed reasonable as well.

Out of my $100 seed/plant budget, I have $69 remaining.

238 - Bush Blue Lake 274 Green Bean ( B=8oz) 1 x $3.80 = $3.80
582 - Ambrosia Bicolor Sweet Corn ( A=2oz) 1 x $2.50 = $2.50
925 - Golden Gopher Muskmelon OG ( A=1/16oz) 1 x $1.60 = $1.60
1751 - Howden Pumpkin ( A=1/8oz) 1 x $1.00 = $1.00
2076 - Danvers Carrot OG ( B=1/2oz) 1 x $4.00 = $4.00
2086 - Mokum Carrot ( C=6g) 1 x $7.50 = $7.50
2441 - Prisma Shallots ( A=0.5g) 1 x $2.30 = $2.30
2510 - Space Spinach ( C=1oz) 1 x $4.50 = $4.50
3036 - Bright Lights Chard ( A=1/16oz) 1 x $1.20 = $1.20
3322 - Arcadia Broccoli ( A=0.5g) 1 x $1.80 = $1.80
3616 - Afina Cutting Celery ( A=0.2g) 1 x $1.00 = $1.00
Pine Tree Seeds December 26, 2013 (ARRIVED DECEMBER 30)
I placed my second seed order for the 2014 growing season with Pinetree seeds on December 26, 2013.
The total was $19.50 including shipping.    That leaves me approx. $50 left in my annual seed budget.

AMAZING CAULIFLOWER (71 days) 80011$1.75
LOLLO ROSSA LETTUCE (53 days) W2781$1.25
LOLLO BIONDA LETTUCE (53 days) 216021$2.25
BLUE SPICE BASIL 510011$1.35
Botanical Interests Seed Order December 27, 2013 (ARRIVED 1/4/14)

Botanical Interests was my third order--~$24 remaining in seed budget
Product NameProd #Unit PriceQuantityPrice
Squash Summer Scallop (Patty Pan) Blend HEIRLOOM Seeds0163$1.891$1.89
Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market Blend Seeds0077$1.891$1.89
Lettuce Mesclun Valentine Organic Seeds3126$2.391$2.39
Melon Muskmelon/Cantaloupe Hearts of Gold Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds3012$1.991$1.99
Onion Bunching/Scallion Italian Red of Florence HEIRLOOM Seeds0147$1.891$1.89
Pumpkin on a Stick Ornamental Eggplant Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds2025$2.991$2.99
Zinnia Art Deco Seeds1261$1.991$1.99
Lavender French Purple Ribbon Seeds1238$1.991$1.99
Zinnia Fantasy Seeds1158$1.791$1.79
Subtotal: $18.81
Shipping Total: $6.95
Order Total: $25.76
 And my final order was also the smallest- Baker Creek.  I'm not including the price of Baker Creeks "The Whole Seed Catalog" in my seed budget.  That goes under my "Mid Winter Sanity" budget--haha.  

Baker Creek Seed Order--January 3, 2014 (Arrived Jan 11, 2014)
Item NamePriceQTYTotal

Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower
  • Item No: FL825
Blue Curled Scotch Kale
  • Item No: KA101
St. Valery Carrot
  • Item No: CR101


 I have ~$15 left for seeds this year. I'll use that for some herb seeds, which Home Depot always has in packs for around a dollar each.

I always try and "spread the budget" around to my favorite companies, though I have to say, Fedco-which is a "new to me" company this year - got the biggest share. I can't believe I've never even heard of them before.  The catalogs are a treasure trove of great info, so if you've ever just ordered online, do yourself a favor and get a print edition catalog......you'll be glad you did.