A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Monday, March 31, 2014

End of the Month Roundup March 2014 PLUS Garden Plan

 Lovely, isn't it?  Ah, spring.  These photos were all taken today---March 31, 2014.
Snow depth is still pretty deep.  My One Level beds are still completely buried.

 Time to set up the cold frame!!
Sort of took a guess as to where to set it.  The bed this rests on is still buried--but I chiseled out the snow , found it, and set up the second bed and windows.

 But---the double layer boxes in some parts are showing, so it won't be long now!

 Hubby even chiseled a path to my little garden shed and unstuck the door for me so I could get the windows out for my cold frame.

 The grapevine is getting it's early spring haircut.

 The piles are dwindling.

 The skies are blue again---no more dreary gloom.

 And the bush in front of the barn has used it's southern location to even start greening up a bit.

 The snow will melt fast now that the sun has started shining again!

 It won't be long until the deck planters can get cleaned out and ready.

The true gauge of how the melt-off is going.   In the center of the left side of the photo is our yard hydrant.  It is four foot tall.  About a foot is already showing.  Yay!!!   

Now, for the plans for the vegetable garden---I did not get all fancy and draw the beds with spaces between---you'll have to "imagine" that--but this is the 24 raised beds in the main part of the garden with "hopeful" planting dates.  I've gone with our usual last frost date of June 4.  The way this winter has been though, that might be a bit enthusiastic!!

I didn't put up the Fruit Garden plans as they remain pretty much the same as last year--just rotated the corn/pumpkins/At Rest beds. 

It's supposed to get to 50 today. I hope so. This is the first year I am not planting a cold frame April 1st.   Since I just got it set up, it probably won't be for 2 weeks yet.
That's ok, though.  I have plenty of seedlings going in the house and it's still too hard to get out to the garden.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!