A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Friday, August 1, 2014

End of the Month Round Up July 2014

July 2  First Cutting of Bright Lights chard and, curly kale. The   Lettuce , Spinach , and Strawberries are still coming in.
Rains were plentiful (for here).  We ended up with 3.65 inches for the month.  I only  had to drag out the hose ONCE---hooray!!!!!!!!   I DESPISE watering so you can imagine how happy I am with this summer (and I don't even care for summer so miracle miracle!!)

July 1-5           3/10 inch --3 different days-1/10 inch
July  6-12        1.1   inch--one big rain
July 13-19       1.4  inches--2 separate rains
July 20-26        2/10 inch rain  1 rain
July 27-31        .65 inch rain--1 rain

We had 22 sunny days.

Temps were quite cool. We only had 2 days that hit 80. Most days were in the upper 60's and low 70's....perfect!!   Sixteen nights had lows in the 40's.  I wish EVERY year was like this. It's been heaven!
July 9 Blooms from the Garden
Foxglove, Delphinium, Roses, Dahlias, Heliopsis, Daisies, and Lavender

July 9--Last of the strawberries- it was not a bumper year due to  small, daily rains--
              that created  lots of mold.
                 For all the work involved, not sure if I want to continue dealing with it..............

July 11---War declared on deer.  Came out to see hollyhocks stripped to their stalks.  I've nurtured those
                    from seeds. They completely munched down all the flowers surrounding it.
                      Up by the house, the sedums, rudbeckia , and asters have taken daily assaults and are
                        unable to form blossums--they nip the buds off constantly
                  After a heavy dew, I "gently powdered" all perennials around the house
                   with cayenne pepper.  The next morning---EVERY BIRDBATH was COMPLETELY
                     drained of water.  Ahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha.
                          How do you like those flowers now, Bambi ???  
                               And no, I don't feel bad.

July 12--  8/10 inch rain

July 13--Perennials around house remain undisturbed.  Heavy rain last night, so I re-applied pepper this
                  morning. Too early to declare victory, but 2 days without plant carnage gives me hope.

July 14--   3/10 inch rain
July 15      6/10 inch rain , and a HIGH temp of 57 degrees.  I love it, but the tomatoes and corn do not.

July 18   Sunflowers are all blooming like crazy

Poppy-Laurens Grape has popped up all over the place

The Lavender is crazy beautiful this year.

July 19---HARVESTED GARLIC  and hung in garage to cure.  Good crop this year--actually some size to it!

July 23--Tons of Kale and Chard still coming in--good thing I have LOTS of neighbors to pawn it off on!
              PICKED FIRST PAN OF BLUEBERRIES---the Patriots--they are much larger than last year.

              Back to using Irish Spring on perennials.  Deer seem to like Mexican style (HOT!) food and
              cayenne no longer deterring them.

July 24--Corn starting to tassle up
              Kohlrabi harvests begin--hubby is a happy camper!

July 25 -Blueray blueberries really starting to turn. Picked a half pan of those.  Still getting roughly 2 quarts
               a day of the Patriots.  One for the freezer, one for us!

July 26  Early morning T-storm--our first rain in over a week.  Dime sized hail---didn't do much damage.
              2/10 inch rain--much needed
             Surprise visit from Don's nephew Ed ,who is working for 3 months in Michigan-he's a Wind Turbine
               technician--one of those that "dangles" 300 feet up doing maintenance on windmills across the US

July 27 Storms all day-picked up another   .65  inch rain
            Carol brought her daughter and granddaughter to see the garden. Found another "victim" to pawn
              off Kale and Swiss Chard on--tee hee!!!

July 29--Blueberry crop is especially heavy this year and we feel it's time to "share the bounty"  We decided
                from now on, Tuesday pickings will be given away.  We're getting roughly a gallon a day--plenty
                 for fresh eating AND freezing, so one day a week we'll spread some goodness to neighbors.

July 30--Getting roughly a pound a day of Mokum carrots for fresh snacking. They're so crisp and delicious
                I check the rows daily and just pull the ones whose "shoulders" have popped out of the soil

July 31--July GONE--hooray.  Hordes of  vacationers on dirt bikes and four-wheelers making life a
                miserable hell. Only one more month of summer. Thank God.
Canteloupe growing slowly in the cool weather of July