A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid Month Garden Update August 15, 2014

August 5--Tubs of Vista Bubblegum petunias threaten to take over the world

So much going on this month, I need to have TWO posts just to keep it all straight for my records.

August 2--Received  2/10 inch rain last night.

                On my morning stroll in the garden, I noticed the green beans are starting to "size up".  Perhaps
                  in few days some will be ready.

                Got a nice bowl of new potatoes from the compost pile---there was a potato vine off to the side.
                   That will be good fried up with some garlic and shallots.

                The Mokum carrots are pouring in --we eat them as fast as they come.  I'm glad I planted a lot                          this year.

August 4  First green bean harvest
August 3--Received  15/100 " rain

August 4--Green Bean harvests begin---Day 1 netted 3 panfuls--with not a single flaw on any of them.
                 Tons of blueberries
                 Got extremely sweet thank you note (scribble scribble--LOL!) from 3 year old girl I gave a quart                      of blueberries to.
                Ordered Garlic from Cook's Garden.  Finally replacing the one I've grown for 7 years

August 5--Received 2/10 " rain
                  Tons more Green beans and blueberries
                  Put most in freezer, gave a quart of berries to Darby and a quart to Carol

August 6--More beans and blueberries
                 Flowers are really filling in --the sidewalk border is a riot of color.
Sidewalk border really starting to "pop"
August 8--Took a break from the onslaught of beans to have a "girls day out" with Carol.  Just the break I needed....ready to tackle the beans again. Hopefully tomorrow's picking will be the last I need for the freezer.

August 9--Finished the Green Beans.  Five days- 26 pints and also a gallon ziplock for the freezer.
                    I also "gave away" at least 3 gallons of them.  Bountiful year.
                 Harvested the broccoli. It "got away" from me while doing beans.  I did end up with 6 pints,
                    but I'll bet I composted more than that.  It's ok, though.  Another item I can't eat anymore.
                 My friend Susan from Indiana stopped for a visit with cousin Miriam, Sent her home with a                              grocery sack full of  beans.  I'll be pulling the plants tomorrow.
                 Extra large picking of blueberries. Gave a quart to the new neighbors Tom and Val, a quart to                         the neighbor Louise I yelled at ( her dog barks for HOURS), and a quart to Carol.  Eight                                   pints  for the freezer and at least a quart for hubby to snack on.

August 11--An AMAZING (for us) 2.2 inch rainfall.  After a solid week of sunshine, we finally got some
                    needed rain this evening--though it came down so hard the yard flooded and I doubt
                       much soaked in.

August 12--Rain ALL day--but a soft and gentle soaker.Picked up an additional .65". Put 2 quarts of                                berries in the freezer and gave a quart to Larry for all the "donkey doo" he gives us.

Dug a "test" plant of the Yukon Gem---excellent yield, no scab, absolutely PERFECT
August 13---Potatoes ready to dig.  First year for these Yukon GEMS---Bigger yields, bigger size, and less
                         chance of "hollow" insides.  This is from one plant----about double what I usually got from                              the Yukon Golds..I'm VERY pleased.  Will be planting these from now on. Bought at                                       Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
                   Picked the last of the BlueRay blueberries.  Patriots still going strong . Chandlers giving us about
                       2 quarts a day, but we don't freeze those.  They are just for fresh eating---simply heavenly!

August 14--Coffee with the birds this morning required my HEAVY coat---42 degrees.  High today 67!
                   Started making potato soup base for the freezer.  Best way I've found to be able to have my
                     Yukons in the spring. No more dealing with sprouted, wrinkled potatoes in March-Yay!

                  Sorted big freezer---the one we use for fruits/vegetables.  There is no more room, and I
                    still have to do carrots, applesauce, and Red Haven peaches.  The Meat freezer is needed
                      for a side of beef and 24 chickens due in October.  Perhaps the 3rd freezer (grains) has
                        space???  Can you store TOO much food????   Nah!

August 15--  38  Degrees this morning.  When we went to Cadillac the truck thermometer showed 36.                                      Though I don't mind that temp, that's not going to get us a ripe tomato this summer!

Onions "fell over" last night--shouldn't be long now. All bulbs are extra large this year.

Yukon Gem potatoes ready to dig

Acorn squash 

East border of house. Joe Pye in upper right is over 8 feet tall this year

Hubby made me an extra large window box this spring. I love it on the front porch