A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Spring and March "Doings"..........

A Large Flock of Canadian Geese 

Hubby trying to spot something, anything.  We were late for the Snow Geese and too early for the Sandhill cranes.
Hubby realizes he forgot to wave. God, I LOVE Nebraska.  Why can't all people be as friendly??!!
Hubby and I ventured out to Nebraska the first part of the month.  Though the migrations were not
as spectacular as in past years, it was just good to be out and about and enjoying 70's and sunshine.
I didn't want to come home.  We met some really wonderful people and I even had a rye bread recipe
waiting in the mail when we got home. I mentioned to a very nice lady how I was still searching for
that "perfect substitute for Beef Steak Rye" and so I am anxious to try this recipe. Hubby LOVES his sandwiches!

March 20  First day of Spring--and I spent the whole morning outside. Despite being cold, it was perfect for setting up a cold frame, starting the massive job of cutting down all the flower stalks and also  organizing my work space in the garage.  What a mess. I had literally just tossed all the Christmas  decorations, etc in there willy nilly and it took a few hours to clear the work areas. I'm ready for the spring madness now.

Inside---the geranium cuttings are doing great. Many are starting to bloom and I am enjoying that
    burst of color.

March 21--Sowed Kale, 9 pk

March 24--Sowed One Flat of Salvia 'Victoria Blue'---it's one of 3 plants deer don't eat at my house

March 25--It rained today.  Rain...  Not Snow.....It's a Miracle.  Captured several buckets of rain
                    water for my houseplants
                 Sowed: Oregano, and Basils--Cinnamon, Lemon, and Sweet Basil

March 26 --SNOW.   Really?????????

March 27-- Daytime high--20 degrees.  Spring?  Where??
                   Sowed Tomatoes:  Brandywine, Jetsetter, SuperSweet 100, and Yellow Pear

March 28--Last nights'  low was MINUS 1.  Yup. Sounds like spring to me!

March 29--Sunny and 35 degrees---so I spent the morning in the garden snapping off sunflower
                  stalks and doing a bit of clean-up.  Winds started up and I lost interest.
                  Snow arrived in the evening.   Boo. Hiss.

March 30--Light snow.  Sigh.

March 31--Awoke to more snow.  I give up. Spring is a myth.

SEEDLINGS--March 31---

BASILS--, only the Sweet Basil and Blue Spice sprouted. Cinnamon and Lemon basil seed was
   old and I should have known better.

CELERY--Doing well, but didn't plant enough....only a 4 pk---what was I thinking?

PARSLEY--Flat and Curly are doing good.

PEPPER--seedlings doing well.

TOMATOES-- starting to come up--Jetsetter seed from friend Miriam was the winner for fastest
  germination--3 days.

Well, outside it might not seem as if spring will ever arrive, but inside--the garden grows!

Hope you all are enjoying getting outside again.  Have a good month!

March 31, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Update

Crazy crazy cold this month.
We had---19!!!!---  nights that hit below zero. It was far colder than last year's supposed FRIGID winter.
Even our daytime highs were running about 15-20 degrees below "normal".  What is normal anymore?
I like to mark the calendar in blue on days that get below zero. My blue pen was busy this month!

19 days at or below zero---the final 2 weeks were really bad!

My lavendars continue to grow. The lemon grass is being rather pokey slow. I assumed since it had the word "grass" in it's name, it would grow quickly. Wish my lawn grew this slow...............

Adorable Lavender!

SLOW growing Lemon Grass

I'll be starting the herbs and celery this week. Not much else going on around here.
Have a wonderful week and stay warm!