A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Garden Update--Part 2 and the End of the Month Roundup

Green Beans going to seed, Corn, Sunflowers and Tomatoes

August 17-- .65" rain

August 18--  .65" rain

August 19-20--  .25" rain
August 20  The Cauliflower that "Got Away"---didn't check it for a week. Ooops.

 August 20     Pulled the broccoli in both beds, topped each bed with a wheelbarrow full of                                      "doo - Found 3 more stray potato plants in those beds yielding another 15                                          pounds Yukons
                   Harvested the rest of the corn. Seven ears eaten for lunch, the rest put into storage.
                       Total corn harvest: 20 ears eaten fresh, 20 ears cut/blanched/and in the freezer
                   Running dangerously low on Mokum carrots--only a few more days worth. Yikes!

August 22--Pulled both Broccoli beds
                 Dug one bed of the Yukon Gems---yield 35 pounds--perfect-no scab or flaws at all
Broccoli Beds (on left) cleared and manured and one bed Yukon Golds dug
Pumpkins starting to "color up"

August 23---Rain  .70"

August 24---Rain  . 10"   Daytime high 61 degrees. YES!!!!

August 25--Rain   .2 "     Daytime high--57 degrees---DOUBLE YES!!!

August 28--  Rain   .3"
                   Dug a few Red Pontiacs. Somethings wrong--really wrong
                   The picture doesn't show it too clearly but they are like "unfurling" flowers.
                   It must have been the seed potatoes--I grew them as I always do. The texture is
                   extremely woody and they are light as balsa wood. NOT like Pontiacs at all!
All the Red Pontiacs are turning out grossly misshapen.  NO IDEA what is wrong
August 29--Dug a second bed of Yukon Gems--all perfect--roughly 30 pounds

Also picked the LAST of the Mokum Carrots---a sad day for us. We'll miss their crunchy sweet 
goodness!!  Next year I need two full beds of them.  

Elsewhere around the yard:
West Side of House

North Side of House
Agastache, Cleome, and Joe Pye are bringing in the bees on the East side of the House
Total Rainfall for the month --5.15"---about double the normal amount.
Coolest day---August 25-High temp of only 56 degrees
Hottest Day--August 14--High temp 89 degrees (blech!)

So far, no tomatoes---just a handful or two of cherry toms.
The Brandywines are loaded and the size is HUGE, but nothing is even thinking of ripening.

The onions are starting to look ratty, so hopefully next week they will be ready to be pulled.

Water tanks were drained on the last day of the month.  September is our "wet" month, and the garden is just about done anyway. I'm just waiting for that first frost, which typically is the 10th of September.   I'll do an update Mid-September and then the Winners and Losers post.

Hope you all have a terrific week in the garden!