A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

End of the Month Round Up--May

Vegetable Garden June 1st, 2016

Crazy Crazy weather this month. We spent half of it 15 degrees below normal and the other half of it
 was 15 degrees ABOVE normal. Let's just call it interesting.  We had SNOW on May 15--that beats our old record of late snow May 12.  Not a record I wished to beat.

That said, however, this is the EARLIEST I have ever been able to plant my vegetables--normally
we still have frost until June 4.  This year--I planted May 26-28 after checking the forecast and finding no lows lower than 40 degrees. Sweet!

We had little rain this month---1.6 inches---a full inch of that coming May 3.It is  dry dry dry!!!
Most days were sunny. We had a lot of wind-which is unusual here.

VERY tedious notes ---please don't read. It's my record for the garden.  I don't expect anyone to
be able to stay awake for it all.  I will put up some nice pics FIRST, and then you can skip the rest.
Hope you have a great gardening season!!

May Date Day-Wellfield Botanic Garden, Elkhart, Indiana  May 5, 2016

Hubby surprised me with a stone frog in my birdbath

Garage Border cleaned up for Spring

Little Shed got new log edging this spring

Sidewalk Border Freshly Planted, June 1, 2016 (Note HIDEOUS fencing to deter deer. Still did not win lottery!!)
West Border June 1, 2016

North Border June 1, 2016

Potatoes doing well--will cover as soon as I'm done mulching them (2 weeks)

Crazy Bizarre New Petunias I found this year at the nursery. Like a starry sky!!
All right---that's all.  Go away now---Time for MY boring notes for my records.
Ta Ta for now!!!
I'll probably update Mid Month---Hopefully I'll have some FLOWER pictures
Hope you all have a terrific week

May 3-- Sowed Flats of Zinnias:  Lilliput
                                                 Art Deco
                                                 Giant Cactus
                                                 Golden Dawn/ Daisy's Yellow
                                                 Linaris Zinnia (short)-White and Mixed
            Put under grow lights.  Germination roughly 4 days
May 4-6  Mini Trip to Indiana to find Spring

May 7-- Sowed in Garden:  8ft row Mokum Carrots
                                        Sugar Snap Peas on Center Aisle Trellises
                                        More Salad Fixings: Lettuce, Radish, Mokums and Kale (transplants)
May 11--"THING" returns and mows down newly planted Kale transplants.  Cuts them in half like
                  a cutworm, but NO SIGN of the perpetrator. Pill bugs? Cut worms? Mice?  What?????

May 12--First Cutting of Spinach --the finest spinach EVER.
             Saw first Oriole, heard first Tree Frog, Yes-I do believe Spring is here.

May 14--I take that back about Spring being here.  Cold, blustery winds have delayed most of my
               plans in the garden.  I did plant ONE bed of Red Pontiacs .  After that I went
                in to read and do some baking. High temp of 39 degrees, low 29 degrees

May 15-SNOW--heavy at times, Lilac and Bleeding Heart NOT HAPPY.....and neither am I
               High temp 44, low 28 degrees.  Snow melted by 3 pm

May 16--Planted One Bed German Butterball potatoes (15)
             Planted One Bed Yukon Gems (15)--my saved seed
             Weeded, Fertilized, and Mulched Patriot Blueberries.
             Copra Onions arrived this afternoon-will plant tomorrow
             Andy delivered the bees today.  Set up water sources for them

May 17-Planted Copra Onions (125)   Gave extras to Darby
            Weeded.Fertilized. and  Mulched Chandler Blueberries
            Harvested first lettuce today. Plenty for two BIG salads. Yum!

May 19-Sowed into peat pots: Yellow Crookneck Squash,, Zucchini, and Reba Acorn Squash
             Weeded, Fertilized, and Mulched Blue Ray Blueberries.
             Stray Yukon Golds coming up in beds used TWO years ago. That's odd.

             Realized today that I NEVER plant enough salad greens. This occurs to me every year
               and yet by the next year, I forget yet again.  PLANT MORE SALAD FIXINGS!!!!

May 21-Planted one bed Broccoli and one Bed Cauliflower----used cut up plastic pots to
              surround each plant in hope that "IT" cannot get past it and saw off my plants.
                  UPDATE--May 28--Seems to be working-nothing disturbed!
June 1, 2016--Broccoli not decapitated by "The Thing"---Hooray! Success!! 

            Sowed second row Mokum carrots.
            Transplanted stray Yukons into THIS YEAR'S BEDS. Got a dozen.  Now I'm only
              short one bed.

May 25-10 day forecast calls for NO frost, so I'm gonna go with that---
             Planted Barrels by the road and decorative wheelbarrow with flowers.

May 26-Planted 3 flats zinnias (Lilliput, Giant Cactus, and Art Deco Blend)
            Planted 1 flat Cosmos Seashells
            Planted 1 flat SnapDragon--University Mix
            Filled final 3rd bed of Yukon Gems from "strays" that had popped up. DONE with taters!
            Planted 2nd bed of Broccoli-again surrounded by plastic pots with bottoms cut off

May 27-Planted Bell Peppers and German Johnson tomato
Green Peppers and German Johnson tomato-June 1, 2016

May 28-Planted: Brandywine, SunGold, Juliet, and Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes
                         Corn-bed 1
                         Green Beans-48 row feet (Six 8 foot rows )
                         Sowed summer lettuce-Black Seeded Simpson
                         Planted  row of Kale
                         Planted Celery
                         Planted  Peach geraniums into West Border

May 29-Planted Sidewalk Border--Alyssum (of course!), Salvia Victoria Blue, Zinnia Zahara
             Starlight Rose, Ponytail Grasses, and bright Fushia Geraniums and a Calibrachoa.
Sidewalk Border looking from Garage towards House-June 1,2016

May 30-Planted up West Border--a mix of bizarre petunias, zinnias, ponytail grasses, and
              of course--Alyssum.
            Planted 3 Dahlias --east border of the vegetable garden

May 31-Planted 8 dahlias on the south border of the vegetable garden

Salads picked every 2 days--plenty for 2 big salads each time, but wish I had planted a LOT more.
NEXT YEAR---plant eight foot rows of mesclun instead of four foot rows