A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Friday, September 2, 2016

End of the Month Round Up--August

The Vegetable Garden Sept 1, 2016. Mostly empty now......

Well, August has come and gone in a flurry of harvesting. It was all about the Corn and Tomatoes and Zucchini and Potatoes and Onions. Pans full of goodness daily...so much so that we were able to share with our many neighbors.  I find that the most joyful part of gardening--being able to share the harvest.

The vegetable garden is just about done. I have just a few more ears of corn to harvest and of course--the Brandywine tomatoes and SunGold tomatoes.  The Brussels sprouts are tiny yet--I've never grown them before and don't know quite when they will be done.
There is also 4 more rows of Mokum carrots that will be harvested on an "as needed" basis-usually a pound or so every few days.
The broccoli has had 3 cuttings and there's another ready. I've been giving it away as I have plenty in the freezer to last all year. I'll pull it after tomorrow's cutting.

Even though they aren't done yet, the Green Peppers will be yanked this week. Even the neighbors won't take them anymore. Enough with it!!   The Kale--same thing.  Enough!

The freezer is stuffed.  I have ALL the broccoli, green beans, green peppers I need for the year.
I only have 5 pints of corn---there is no way I could grow as much as we would need, but my corn is
"saved" for SPECIAL occasions--holiday meals and birthdays, so that's ok too.

I did not freeze ANY berries this year.  I went so overboard last year, that I still have some to clean up.....namely peaches, applesauce, raspberries, and blueberries.

I also have in the garage ALL the onions, garlic, and potatoes we will need for the year. I actually gave away quite a bit--it was a banner year for potatoes, that's for sure!

I'll be back at the end of September with another update, then the Winners and Losers for the year.
Until then---have a great beginning of fall (hooray!!!!).
A  "Thank You" tray of goodies for Neighbors Ed and Carol for taking us to Muskegon August 13

Beautiful flowers behind my ugly deer fencing

The Phlox was finally able to bloom after the great Deer Munch-Off

Morning Glories enjoying the cool weather

The Sunflowers were crazy beautiful this year. This one had 25 (!!!) heads on it!

A Bowl of Mixed Cherry Tomatoes, Mokum carrots and the first of the fall lettuce

Now--MY boring notes.  Go away!

August was MUCH warmer than normal--most days were mid 80's --a far cry from our normal high of mid 70's.  The hottest day was 90 degrees. The coldest night got down to 47 degrees.
There were 23 Sunny Days. We got 2.65 inches of rain--though most of that fell in one day.
There was also a LOT of humidity this month--something we typically don't have. Good for the corn
and tomatoes, but I'll be glad to see it go.

August 1  1 pound Patriots, 2 gallon ziploc of beans---Gave to neighbors
August 2  1 pound BluRays(ours!), 1 pound Patriots-neighbors, 2 gal. ziploc of beans-neighbors

               Onions flopped
               Potatoes starting to collapse
               HORNWORMS on Tomatoes        
               Garden extremely dry. Had to water. Ugh.

August 4  HOT-95 degrees, Still no rain. Gardens are in desperate need of water.  I water the main                      things, but am letting the green beans go.  We're not using any more, they are just about
                  done anyway.
               2 pounds Blueberries, 2 zucchini, 1 pound Mokums,
               Don picked another 2 gallon bag of beans for various neighbors

                PULLED GREEN BEANS
                1 pound Chandlers--very tart this year--they are early, that might be why so tart??
August 6   Watered and watered and watered some more. DRY as toast out there. The lawn is
                 crunchy , and everything is in poor shape.
                Zucchini started back up again.  BluRays and Patriots still going strong. Chandler
                  blueberries are turning but are so sour this year that no one wants to eat them.   ???

August 7   Crookneck squash, zucchini, BluRays,1 pound  Mokum carrots.
                Celery is looking FANTASTIC,  dug three of the stray potatoes--5 pounds Yukons
                First sowing of corn is getting close to being ready. Hooray!
                PULLED COPRAS

August 8   3 pounds CHANDLER blueberries--though not the first batch, it is the first sweet
August 9   1 pound Mokum carrots, 2 Zukes, 1 crookneck
                 Matt's Wild Cherry, SunGold tomatoes continue in dribbles
                 90 degree temps, still no rain.

August 10  Picked the LAST OF THE BLURAYS--2 pounds.  A sad day indeed.
                 2 zucchini , pound of mokum carrots
                 90 degrees and still sunny. Lawn completely dead, trees look terrible, birch shedding

August 11  Sunny, 90 degrees
                 Wild turkeys sitting under our trees--wings held out trying to stay cool.
                 2 crookneck, 2 zucchini, 1 pound Mokums, lots o' cherry tomatoes--Sungold and
                   Matt's Wild Cherry.    Corn getting very close now. Raccoon trap baited, just in case.

August 12   RAIN--1/10th inch  What good is that after all this time?
                  Zucchini x 2 , 1 pound Mokums, 1 pound blueberries
                  BLACKBIRDS FLOCKING UP???  Had HUNDREDS in the yard this morning.
                  Moments after they left--dozens of Robins

August 13  RAIN 4/10th inch
                 Played hooky-Went to Muskegon with neighbors

August 14  Dug first bed of Yukon Golds.  Very nice. 35 pounds
                 Came out to the garden to find a raccoon in the live trap.
                 Best indicator the corn is ready and he was right!!!
                 3 pounds Chandler Blueberries

August 15  CORN !!!!!!!   9 ears. Picture perfect. No corn worms this year-thank goodness!

               Also picked 1 pound Mokums, second bed Yukon Gold potatoes-30 Pounds, 2 gallons                           Broccoli side shoots, 1 green pepper, kohlrabi, and of course zucchini

August 16  1 pound Patriots, 1 pound Mokums, 1 pound mixed cherry toms (SunGold and Matt's)

August 17  RAIN  1.25 inches (all in about an hour. WOW)
                 Corn 6 ears, ACORN SQUASH-1--had to throw away, had something boring in it, 1                            pound SunGold toms, 1 doz Copra onions from the "extra" bed to give to Carol, zucchini

August 18  PUMPKINS--10 nice ones-each about 8-10 pounds,  Pulled vines, Manured area
                  2 pounds Patriot blueberries, 2 pounds carrots, 2 pounds cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi
                 Gave Carol and Jackie large trays of blueberries,carrots,cherry tomatoes, potatoes, onions
August 20  Corn-16 ears--this FINISHED CORN PATCH #1
                 Patriot blueberries 2 pounds
                 Dug third bed Yukons.  Had a rodent chew up quite a few of the potatoes. 25 pounds
August 21  Picked early before leaving for Indiana--I'm taking a box of vegetables for Susan
                   TONS of Kale, yellow crooknecks, 3 green peppers, 3 pounds potatoes, onions

August 21 and 22  Trip to Indiana to bid Lorna a fond farewell and wish her the best as she embarks
                           on her new life in southern Indiana.  What great fun we had. I shall certainly
                            miss her gentle kindness. At least I can still pick on Susan!!    :D
Sweet and petite Susan (L), Lorna, and Me-the Jolly Giant at 5 foot, 6"
August 23  Came home to lots and lots of picking--including--TA DA----1st BRANDYWINE!
August 23  First of the Brandywines!!!!!  
                 Also got a 2 gallon sack o'broccoli, 2 yellow crookneck, 2 pounds Patriot blueberries
                   and a quart of SunGold tomatoes.

August 24  1 quart SunGold tomatoes, 1 pound Mokum carrots, 4 crookneck squash. 6 ears corn
                   from Patch #2

August 25  1 Qt SunGold tomatoes, 1 pound Patriot blueberries, 1 pound Mokum carrots, 1 Celery

August 26  1 Brandywine tomato, 6 ears Corn--Patch #2

August 27  1 pound Patriot blueberries, 3 green peppers, carrots , crookneck squash (4) , 1 qt cherry

August 28  6 ears corn from Patch #2,  3 pounds "stray" potatoes, 2 gallon sack o' broccoli shoots
                Took a tray of Tomatoes, Peppers, and crookneck squash to the neighbors

August 30    Moikum carrots,  first of the fall lettuce, Corn-6 ears for supper

August 31   Dug rest of German Butterball potatoes 10 pounds
                  Pulled Crookneck Squash
                  Gave all the tomatoes a severe cutting back--we only have 2 weeks left before frost
                  Got a load of old straw from Nancy---will put on this years Tomato Patch when empty
                  Put the good pieces of Agribon into garage for the winter, the rest (torn) gets burnt

I've started dumping pots of flowers--and this coming week I need to start bringing in the geraniums for the winter. It's starting to hit the 40's at night.  Houseplants will also come back inside.