A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Monday, October 31, 2016

End of the Month Round Up-October 2016

October 18, 2016  Our Big  Maple and our barn peeking through the leaves
Trip to Iowa/Nebraska, and Wyoming  Sept 13-Oct 3

Arrived home Oct 3 to lush flowers........not the typical blackened garden.
That's never happened in all the nine years I've lived here. Typical first frost is ~Sept 9.

Oct 5  1/4 inch rain

Oct 6   1/4 inch rain
            Drained 2 more water tanks (before the rain!)

Oct 8   PLANTED GARLIC    (40)  Old Variety
            Not bothering with the Persian Star or Chesnok Red.  The old variety is still the best

Oct 10 Don finished up the new composting area and I'm starting to fill that with grass clippings
            as a base to smother the grass and weeds growing there.

Oct 12  Started collecting seeds---Cleome, Purple Coneflower, Agastache cana, Alyssum, Phlox-
              "Moody Blues", zinnias, and cosmos. I gathered enough to sow for next year and will
                 let the birds continue spreading it for me.
           RAIN  1 inch (!!)

Oct 13 Dug all my peach geraniums from the west border and stuck them in a bucket until
            I decide whether to pot them up or try just storing them "as is" for the winter. My
              windowsills are already full.
           RAIN  1/4 inch

Oct 14 Picked our FIRST GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLES, lots more grapes, last of the Juliet
            tomatoes before tearing out that plant
Apples, Grapes and Tomatoes.  

Oct 15 Leaves starting to really fall now.  Ironwood trees almost bare. Maples turning slowly
            Boxelder behind garage and orchard trees still green and lush
              I go out every day and bag up three loads to add to my new composting area.
October 16, 2016  Lucas Road

Oct 16  RAIN  1/4 inch last night and into this morning  Temps in the 60's!!
           STILL NO FROST!!  WHAT????????????
              Still getting SunGold and Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes and grapes.
                Still have carrots, lettuce, Brussels Sprouts (which are waiting for a frost to "sweeten"
                  Celery and Kale

Oct 17  THUNDERSTORM  this morning.  A muggy 68 degrees and 35/100 inch RAIN

Oct 18  Muggy and 72 at 6 am.  Drizzly skies all day.  1/10 inch RAIN
October 18, 2016  Leaves are falling fast!
October 20  DUG SWEET POTATOES. I'm not good at digging them. Stabbed a few. Chopped some                      too. And though the harvest was small--it's encouraging. Will try again, I guess.
                  Picked 3 NICE Brandywine tomatoes, a handful of Matts Wild Cherry and SunGold
                        tomatoes plus Kale and the usual 1/2 dozen carrots to snack on daily
Brandywine Tomatoes, Carrots, Kale and SWEET POTATOES!!!!  Oct 20, 2016 

October 21, 2016 Dahlias from the Garden-
Thomas Edison(Dk Purple), Fleurel (white),, Lavender Perfection and front-Vancouver

Oct 22  Did a final pickup of leaves for composting. The rest can blow away. I have plenty.
           Pulled all the tomatoes and composted them.
           Still growing -carrots, kale, Brussels Sprouts, Celery and Mesclun lettuce mix.
           As of this writing , we are STILL without frost--it is FIVE WEEKS OVERDUE.

Oct 23  Leaving  for Iowa. Again.   Hopefully when we get back , this freakishly endless growing                    season  will be over.  I know I'm certainly DONE.
           I'm ready for hibernation-cooking and baking, reading, painting, skiing, just having TIME.

I've disabled comments until I am home and able to catch up with all your blogs. Until then------


End of the Month Round Up-September 2016

Morning Glories, Too much Kale, and my guardian of the garden

Sept  2  Picked the LAST OF THE CORN.  14 ears. Small, but still tasty and no pests.
                     Picked a gallon sack of broccoli shoots. Carol took half, and half to Tom and Val
                     RIPPED OUT BROCCOLI
                     Also sent Carol home with celery and 6 ears corn.
                     5 nice Brandywine tomatoes.  Horribly disfigured and cracked. Yep Perfect

Sept 4  Dug the RED PONTIAC POTATOES---lost approx half to the red squirrels--they
                       eat the top potatoes--and of course, those are the biggest. I did get roughly 15 pounds
                    Drained and scrubbed 2 of the WATER TANKS.  Three more to go. Sigh.
Sept 5  Picked LAST OF THE GREEN PEPPERS (6)--pulled plants
                    Also got 1 quart misc Cherry Tomatoes and 1 pound Mokum carrots.

Sept 7  1 Quart Misc Cherry Tomatoes
           1 pound Mokum Carrots

Sept 10 Pulled the rest of the tomatoes
            Put grass clippings/fallen leaves on Row 1--Beds
            Around noon, a storm hit---heavy rains, gusty winds.
            Falling temps---by 3:30 the temps were down to 59 degrees.

Sept 13  Hit the road. Vacation time!!  Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming.  Will be home sometime in Oct