A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Monday, October 31, 2016

End of the Month Round Up-September 2016

Morning Glories, Too much Kale, and my guardian of the garden

Sept  2  Picked the LAST OF THE CORN.  14 ears. Small, but still tasty and no pests.
                     Picked a gallon sack of broccoli shoots. Carol took half, and half to Tom and Val
                     RIPPED OUT BROCCOLI
                     Also sent Carol home with celery and 6 ears corn.
                     5 nice Brandywine tomatoes.  Horribly disfigured and cracked. Yep Perfect

Sept 4  Dug the RED PONTIAC POTATOES---lost approx half to the red squirrels--they
                       eat the top potatoes--and of course, those are the biggest. I did get roughly 15 pounds
                    Drained and scrubbed 2 of the WATER TANKS.  Three more to go. Sigh.
Sept 5  Picked LAST OF THE GREEN PEPPERS (6)--pulled plants
                    Also got 1 quart misc Cherry Tomatoes and 1 pound Mokum carrots.

Sept 7  1 Quart Misc Cherry Tomatoes
           1 pound Mokum Carrots

Sept 10 Pulled the rest of the tomatoes
            Put grass clippings/fallen leaves on Row 1--Beds
            Around noon, a storm hit---heavy rains, gusty winds.
            Falling temps---by 3:30 the temps were down to 59 degrees.

Sept 13  Hit the road. Vacation time!!  Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming.  Will be home sometime in Oct



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