A personal record of what's going on in my Northern Michigan zone 4 gardens. I use raised beds and grow organically. Nothing fancy--just trying to garden with nature in mind.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Winter Sowing, Seed Orders, and Garden Plans

Dec 22--WINTER SOWED--Trays covered in plastic, set in my "shop" to freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw....
                                    Agastache cana--gift from my son
                                    Aster-New England (from Seed Saver's Exchange visit)
                                    Aster-Pale Pink from saved seed-Wildcat Hills, Nebraska
                                    Echinacea-saved seed from garden
                                    Echinops--saved seed from garden
                                    Gaura-lindheimeri    White butterfly (gift packet from a neighbor)
                                    Foxglove-Giant Spotted (from Seed Saver's Exchange visit)
                                    Helianthus--saved seed from Toadstool Geologic Park--Nebraska
                                    Lupine-pink and white--saved seed from garden
                                    Queen Annes' lace -saved seed from Lucas Road

                           SEED ORDERS FOR 2017  Budgeted---$100   Spent--$113

I thought I would be under budget this year for seeds (and I was........but then.....)
I ended up going over $13.  I'm facing facts that it is time to raise the seed budget. I've had the same amount for the past 10 years.  Some seeds are now close to $4 a pack.  I still consider that a bargain, given the quantity of fresh, healthy, ORGANIC food that garden gives us.  It literally saves thousands on the grocery bill.

So next year--the seed budget goes to $125.

Pinetree Seeds: Placed Order  12/16/16       Received 12/22/16
                       Basil, Blue Spice
                       Marigold-Lemon Gem
                       Summer Squash-Golden Zebra
                       Winter Squash--Butterscotch (Isn't that name wonderful!!)
                       Tomato-Gold Nugget
                       Tomato-Black Cherry
                       Tomato-Pink Bumblebee---who wouldn't want to grow something that sounds so cute?
Fedco Seeds     Placed Order 12/16/16      Received  January 6, 2017
                       Broccoli-Green Super
                       Brussels Sprouts-Gustus
                       Bush Bean-Blue Lake 274
                       Corn-Ambrosia Sweet Corn
                       Kale-Vates Dwarf
                       Mache-Verte de Cambrai
                       Pea-Super Sugar Snap
                       Tomato-Prudens Purple,  Sungold,  Supersweet 100

Johnny's Selected Seeds   Placed Order January 6 ,2017     Received  January 17, 2017
                      Glacier Cherry Tomato (growing for neighbor)
                      Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato  (growing for neighbor)
                      Mokum carrot-pelleted  (1000ct)
                      Salvia- Marble Arch Mix
                      Cosmos-Cupcake Mix
                      Lunchbox Mini Bell Pepper (growing for neighbor)

Territorial Seeds   Placed order January 9, 2017    Received  January 17, 2017
                      Alyssum Mulberry Mix
                      Zinnia Starlight Rose
                      Zinnia Zahara Double Strawberry
                      Zinnia Art Deco Mix


                                               GARDEN PLANS 2017
            Please remember--I don't draw in the aisles between the beds, but it's there in real life!
              I outlined in red where spaces should be.
           Tentative planting dates are shown.  Carrots (3 beds) staggered for a steady supply

The Raised Beds---Don't forget---there's spaces between those beds!!!

West portion of garden--Regular "in ground" beds